Transformer Tester

MEA Distribution Transformer Test Systems

Routine Testing for Production (EOL) and Quality Assurance (QA)

Type Testing at Laboratory (R&D)


MEA is a globally leading supplier of distribution transformer testing systems.

MEA DTSy systems give you the capability of testing dry and oil immersed distribution transformers, in a simple manner.

MEA DTSy systems are complete turnkey systems, which fully implement standards:

  • IEC 60076
  • IEEE C57.12.90/ANSI
  • GOST

DTSy system for transformers of up to 2000 KVA


Main Features

  • The turnkey system implements IEC 60076-1, IEEE C57.12.90/ANSI, and GOST.
  • Winding resistance measurement (HV and LV).
  • No-load current and no-load loss measurements.
  • Short-circuit impedance and load loss measurements.
  • Heat run (Type Testing).
  • Partial discharge (Type Testing).
  • The applied voltage at each tapping.
  • Turns ratio.
  • Sound power level.
  • Dielectric tests – Separate-source voltage withstand the test.
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Induced voltage test.




  • Simple and easy implementation of routine tests defined in IEC 60076-1.
  • Used for Development and testing of new or repaired transformers.
  • Can be used for Quality control testing and EOL testing.



The DTSy system’s basic tests include the following routine tests:

  • No-load loss test and Load loss test of the distribution transformer, according to standards IEC 60076 and IEEE C57.12.90.
  • “Load test”. The low voltage side of the transformer under test is shortened.
  • Winding resistance measurements between each terminal.
  • Turn ratio measurements. The voltage is measured on each tapping. The polarity of single-phase transformers and the connection symbol of three-phase transformers are checked. The voltages of both windings are measured simultaneously.
  • Efficiency calculation, according to the above-measured data.

The DTSy software’s advanced user interface allows the user to:

  • Perform all the required tests.
  • Save the test results in the system’s database.
  • Export and import data.
  • Produce different types of test reports in MS Excel and PDF format.
  • Special functions are included, to control and protect different parts of the system.
  • Easy setting and automatic calculation of results.
  • Measurement of voltage is simultaneous on two sides of the transformer, giving the ratio of all windings on two sides of the transformer (the winding ratio is equal to the rated voltage ratio).
  • Automatically draws heating & cooling curves of the transformer, in heat test.

The DTSy includes also the following optional type test (according to IEC 60076):

  • Temperature measurements and “Heat Test” / “Temperature Rise Test”. The “heat test” is done according to the standard, until the temperature of the transformer is stabilized.

Testing of a 12 KVA Transformer – System Screen

Basic Hardware

  • Variable three-phase column transformer.
  • Three-phase step-transformer.
  • Power analyzer, for “No Load test” – 0.2% accuracy class.
  • Power Analyzer, for “Load test” (load losses) – 0.2% accuracy class.
  • Micro Ohm winding resistance tester, for measuring the transformer DC resistance.
  • Main Control Unit via PLC and industrial PC.

Transformers are very reliable devices and can provide service for a long time if maintained and serviced regularly. Transformer failures, when they occur, are usually of a very serious nature, which may require costly repairs and long downtime.

Transformers and their components require testing over a wide variety of conditions, ensuring that the final manufactured product consistently meets customer’s demands for performance and durability.

The best insurance against transformer failure is to ensure that the transformer is properly installed and maintained. Detection of possible problems during the maintenance task itself, with a comprehensive predictive maintenance program, is important to this end.

MEA Transformer Test Systems was developed as an answer to the high complexity of transformer systems.


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