MEA RDS Automatic IEC-60034-2-1 Test Bench.

Officially Adopted by IEC/UL/CSA Laboratories.

MEA RDS Automatic IEC-60034-2-1 Test Bench solutions are complete turnkey systems and provide a full implementation of the IEC 60034-2-1, IEEE 112-2004, CSA C390-10 standards.



IEC-60034-2-1 Standard.

Efficiency determination according to the method: Summation of losses.

This is a test method in which the efficiency is determined by the summation of separate losses, Calculate the respective loss components, and determine the efficiency as described below:

  • Iron loss.
  • Windage and friction losses.
  • Stator and rotor copper losses.
  • Additional load losses.
  • Calculate total losses.
  • Calculate efficiency.
  • Verify the efficiency value against nominal efficiency limits.



Traditional System capabilities

  • Efficiency by Direct Method.
  • Automatic Motor & Ambient Temperature measurement.
  • Automatic Stator Winding Resistance measurement.
  • Load Curve Test with Torque Measurement.
  • Automatic No Load Test with Power Supply Control.
  • Torque, Speed, Current, Voltage, Efficiency, Power Input, Power Output, Power Factor. 


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