Wiper Motor

WT Series – DC Wiper & Reversible Wiper Motor Performance Tester

Automatically measures and records:                                                   

Reversing load test sequence for DC Wiper & Reversible Wiper motors at incremental torque loads.

Optional for fast testing via inertial dynamometer testing.

Features and Benefits

  • provides static and dynamic performance tests( Torque, speed, Friction, Friction Spectrum, Spectrum of Torque& Speed Oscillation).
  • provides valuable measurements unique to M.E.A technology (Parking position, Angle control and more…).
  • Tests One-Speed and Two-Speed DC Reversible Wiper Motor.

Reversible Wiper:

– Reversing load test sequence at incremental torque loads.

– Continuous mode test sequence at user predefined torque and time values.

– Providing Rated Torque/Speed/Current/Temp. vs. Angle/Time for CW and CCW rotations.

  • Wiper testing method is very fast and accurate.
  • Providing Wiper Efficiency.
  • Test results are provided graphically and tabulated.
  • Customized test reports in Excel or PDF format.
  • Dynamic Performance test data includes: speed and torque spectrum, friction torque, friction spectrum, cogging torque level, and time angle.
  • Power switching is done automatically by the system.
  • Detecting noisy and defective wiper.
  • Detecting problems with parking position and angle work.

Performance Test Mode

Supported tests: Torque, Speed, Current, , Input Power, Output Power, Efficiency, Direction of rotation, Parking position, Angle control.

Reversible Wiper Testing: Speed/Current/Angle vs. Torque curves, Rated torque/Speed/Current/Temperature vs. Angle/Time, for CW and CCW.

Additional Tests: Speed and torque spectrum, friction torque, friction spectrum, cogging torque level, and time angle.

The system includes different testing procedures and capabilities for testing DC Reversible Wiper Motors.

Reversing load test sequence, at incremented torque loads:
After connecting the controller and the MUT (Wiper Motor Under Test) to the test bench, the system will supply the predefined voltage to the MUT. The loading unit will start loading the MUT in small torque incremental steps, from 0 Nm up to motor stall or to user “Predefined maximum torque”. The duration of each torque step extends for one CW/ CCW wipe cycle.

The system test results provided are:
• Reversible wiper motor Speed/Current/Angle vs. Torque curves.
• Speed/Current/Torque/Temperature vs. Time curves for the complete testing procedure. 
(*) Temperature measurements are given as optional.

Continuous mode test sequence:
For performance measurements in continuous mode, the user sets the predefined torque value and testing time. The system tests the motor at the user-predefined torque and time.

The system test results provided are: Rated torque/Speed/Current/Temperature vs. Angle/time, for CW and CCW. An example of a test report showing the results of a wiper motor at 3.25 Nm for 90 sec. is shown below in Figure 2. The system generates also an Excel report with all the source data. The negative torque values are for CCW direction.


Test Results Examples






Speed/Current/Torque vs. Time at 1 Nm                 Speed/Current/Torque/Temperature vs. Time at 3.25 Nm for 90 sec.


Angle vs. Time


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