Motors of up to 770 kW - Regenerative Dynamometer

MEA RDS Regenerative Dynamometer Test Systems

For Electric Motors at Laboratory (R&D), Production (EOL), and Quality Assurance (QA)



MEA is a globally leading supplier of electric motor testing systems. MEA RDS systems are fully turnkey systems, which fully implement standards IEC 60034-2-1 and IEEE 112.

The scope of the RDS is comprised of AC induction servomotors as loading motors with high-resolution encoders, high-accuracy torque sensors, and integrated power analyzers, and temperature measurement modules by milliohm meters and/or thermocouples.

MEA RDS provides energy recovery benefits, and the multi-drive common bus configurations can reduce input power requirements for applications where an AC dynamometer is used for the prime mover and absorber.


The term “regenerative” describes the ability of the drive under braking conditions to convert the mechanical energy of the motor and connected load into electrical energy which is returned (or regenerated) to the AC power source. Regenerative drives can reclaim majority energy produced from the device under test which can reduce the overall cost of testing.

Historically, the regenerative energy was wasted into heat using resistors bank. The MEA RDS solution is to return the energy back into the mainline power supply, eliminating heat and providing a real return on investment, a compact/modular solution.

                                                                             Loading motor and torque sensor for 20 to 100 Nm

Main Features

  • Controlled by closed-loop field-oriented, using auto-tune servo drives.
  • Controlled and stabilized DC supply for the frequency inverter, allowing stabile control of the torque or speed and high accuracy of the measurement.
  • The combined control system that includes PC, OPLC (PLC with integrated operation panel), regenerative units, and VFD’s, which connect together with fast and reliable Industrial CanBus and TCP/IP communications networks.
  • Usage of AC Induction Servomotors, with square frame design and low moment of inertia, allowing excellent fast and accurate dynamic response in all ranges of torque and speed.


RDS unit for motors between 100 and 400 Nm                               

                    RDS unit for motors between 100 and 400 Nm




The RDS software allows the user to simulate the loads and the real work of the motor inside different applications. The user can maintain the load by:

  • Torque, using the feedback of the torque sensor.
  • Speed, using the feedback of the high-resolution encoder of the servomotor.

The software includes an advanced interface, allowing the user to perform all the tests he needs, save the results to the system’s database, and to produce different types of test reports in MS Excel and PDF format.





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