Miniature Motor

 MEA Testing of Electric Micro Drive


The determination of performance characteristics of electric drives in fox gloves size with a rated power in the magnitude of 0.5 to 1 W is hard to achieve with conventional methods. When testing such motors, no external forces should act on the test object. With the acceleration dynamometer of M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd. this is possible. There is a wide range of application for such small motors.

MEA gives you the ultimate solution as will demonsrate by using a micro motor of  0.65W.

The procedure for testing electric drives permits to assess complete static and dynamic characteristics in seconds. The test system for electrical drives offers manufacturersor users everything what they want to know about the properties of their motors, apart from endurance testing at a determined load point. With this method, a motor is freely accelerated from 0 to no load speed. The load is only its own rotor inertia. To determine the moment of inertia, there is a very simple procedure.

Comprehensive Test Possibilities
Current, voltage, and speed over time are measured in microsecond intervals. Normally, the speed is measured
over time during the accelerationphase and also during the deceleration when running down by a sensor of high resolution coupled to the motor shaft. The time for testing corresponds to the time needed for accelerating and decelerating the motor; this means a few seconds for smaller motors and fractions of a second for micro motors. A speciality of the M.E.A. method is the capability to simultaneously take a multitude of synchronized readings in μs intervals, and evaluate those to the specific characteristic with the aid of modern Windows-based software. Also, in seconds speed, a motor specific test report is printed in form of graphs and tables, containing apart from the general data also company and motor designations. The data shown in Table 1 are freely selectable.











Evaluation of the Test Results

The following charts Figs. 2 – 6 show executed measurements of static and dynamic characteristics on a 12 VDC motor with a rated power output of 0.65 W


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