MEA RDS Four-Quadrant Operation

MEA Powertrain testing systems are fully integrated Modular System with Integrated HiL using INTECH orangeHiL.

MEA can supply “Electric Powertrain Dynamometer” that will include the capabilities for testing:

  • Full Car
  • Reduction gear
  • Electric Motor Under Test
  • 2WD FF Driveline
  • 2WD FR Driveline
  • 2WD Powertrain
  • 4WD Driveline
  • 4WD Powertrain

HiL system for testing individual ECUs and integrated networks, including real-time simulation and test automation.

Real-Time Simulation includes:

  • Real-time simulation of vehicle/driver
  • To accelerate / to brake / to change vehicle states


System Capabilities:

Option 1: Drive Cycle

  • Predefined drive cycles:
  • Longitudinal drive cycle simulation/modeling of longitudinal dynamic.

Option 2: Virtual Test Driving

  • Real-time simulation environment with full real-time capabilities.
  • Integrated model environment for the construction of conventional, hybrid, and battery electric power train systems, including their operation strategy and coupling with the hydraulic braking system in CarMaker(*).
  • Driver model in CarMaker for driving cycles and driving 3D tracks. (*) CarMaker: Real-time simulation of passenger cars and light-duty vehicles.

MEA Powertrain testing capabilities also include

Battery Testing:

  • Battery testing Basic options using Bidirectional
  • DC Power Supply.
  • I+ mode: Current Control (CC+)
  • I- mode: Current Control (CC-)
  • P mode: Power control (CP)
  • Battery IMPEDANCE testing.
  • State-of-charge (SOC) Simulation.
  • Ramp/Step-Up Simulation.

Battery Simulation:

  • Battery Simulation using Bidirectional DC Power Supply
  • Special feature: Low voltage dip at current transient
  • Output Filter with higher capacitance
  • U mode: voltage Control (CV)

The battery simulation includes:

  • Special feature: Low voltage dip at current transient.
  • Output Filter with higher capacitance
  • Control mode: voltage (CV)
  • State-Of-Charge (SOC) Simulation (Optional)



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