Privacy Policy

M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd. (” M.E.A.”, “we”, “us” or “our”) respects your privacy. This statement explains the accepted privacy policy of, our website (the “Website”). It gives an overview, inter alia, of the way we use the personal information you provide us, and the details we collect during the use of the Website.

Use of Information 
While you use the Website, we may collect and accumulate information pertaining to the patterns, frequency, duration and scope of your use.

We shall store such information in our database. Any use of such information, as well as any use of the data you provided during a registration process, shall be made only in accordance with this Policy or with the provisions of the law. Such use is restricted to the following purposes:

  • To enable you to use the Website, including any features that we may add to in the future;
  • To improve and expand the Website, create new services which correspond to the requirements and expectations of the Website’s users, and modify or cancel existing features of the Website. The information used for this purpose shall be mainly statistical and will not identify you personally.
  • To furnish you from time to time with information pertaining to the Website;
  • To send you marketing and advertising information, whether published by us or received from third parties. Third party commercial information will not be sent to you unless you explicitly agreed to receive it during the registration with the Website or afterwards. At all times, you may retract your consent and cease to receive information of that kind. We will not transfer your personal details to any advertisers;
  • To contact you as and when necessary;
  • To analyze and provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers. Any such information will not identify you personally;
  • To any other purpose, as specified in this Policy or in the Terms of Use governing the Website (the “Terms”);
  • For the orderly and proper operation and development of the Website. No information used for this purpose will be transferred to any third party, except to the extent permitted under this Policy, as updated from time to time, or by law.

Transfer of Information to Third Parties 
We will not transfer your personal details and any information pertaining to your use of the Website (as far as such details and information identify you personally), to any third party unless:

  • You breach the Terms in the Website or perform or attempt to perform any illegal action, or an action we reasonably deem as illegal, through the use of the Website. In such cases we may transfer any information we deem necessary;
  • We receive a court order, or any other decree issued by a competent authority, instructing us to transfer your details or any information about you to a third party;
  • There is a dispute, claim, action, demand or legal proceedings between yourself and us, or related to your subscription to the Website;
  • We consider that transferring such information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your person or property or to the person or property of any third party;
  • We have the right to transfer your personal details and the information collected through your use of the Website to other affiliated companies, provided however, that they use this information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy;
  • We organize the operation of the Website through another legal entity, or if we merge with another entity or merge the activity of the Website with a third party activity, provided, however, that such entity shall subject itself to this policy;
  • We may ask third parties to analyze statistical data regarding the use of the Website. Such entities collect and analyze information about the scope of the use of the Website, the frequency of the use thereof, etc. The information they collect for these purpose is statistical in nature. It does not identify you personally and is intended for the purposes of analysis, research and control.

Data Security 
We implement data security systems and procedures in order to prevent unauthorized access to the Website. Although such systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the Website and unauthorized use of your personal details, they cannot provide absolute assurance. We therefore do not guarantee that the Website or its databases are immune from any unauthorized access or use.

Changes in the Privacy Policy 
We may change the terms of this Policy from time to time. Should any substantive changes be made in this Policy, to the instructions referring to use of personal information provided by you, notification of such change will be posted on the Website’s homepage.

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