Dunkermotoren-Ametek Germany

About the Customer:

The company Dunkermotoren develops and produces precision drives for over 50 years. The manufacturer develops and produces brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors, and also a broad range of planetary and worm gearboxes, as well as brakes and encoders.

In 1991, Dunkermotoren became the world´s first manufacturer of small motors to be certified to ISO 9001. In the meantime, Dunkermotoren has won numerous quality awards. Dunkermotoren regards quality as a comprehensive process involving all activities in the factory. Their products are manufactured on highly automated production lines. Failure mode and defects analysis during design and development, and fully automated testing integrated into the production line, ensure a uniformly high level of quality.


Challenges and Solutions:

Dunkermotoren Ametek, Germany, was looking for testing systems that would enable the option of fully integration and computerization of the Company’s complete production via the Company’s server and via SAP software. In addition, Dunkermotoren Ametek, Germany, looked for automatic line systems that would enable complete automatic sequence of load and safety testing, of the very large variety of types and sizes of BLDC motors manufactured by the Company.

The ideal solution for the complicated demand could be done via the MEA Inertial Dynamometer patented system. As a first step, Dunkermotoren Ametek, Germany, ordered the MEA Inertial Dynamometer System for their laboratory. After working with the system for a certain period of time, the Company decided to purchase the MEA Inertial Dynamometer for their entire BLDC end-of-line (EOL) testing in their plants.

Dunkermotoren Ametek, Germany, ordered three EOL systems from MEA, that have the capability to run full diagnostic tests, including safety, noise, insulation, full load performance, and special dynamic tests, such as ripple torque and back EMF, while overall reducing total testing time. All mentioned tests are functional for a wide range of motor types and sizes. The testing systems recognize the motor type, and run a fully automatic test sequence. Additionally, all systems are fully calibrated to the Dunkermotoren SAP systems, by replicating the system’s local DB to Dunkermotoren’s Server DB. Dunkermotoren’s company server controls all different lines, enabling full computerization of the Company productions.


About the Product:


  • Complete load performance testing (Torque, Speed, Current, Efficiency, Power Input, Power Output), all without loading the motor with any mechanical load.
  • Standard electrical parameters testing, such as HV, Vibration, Noise, etc.
  • Additional testing: Cogging, Back EMF, Friction, Ripple Torque.


Dunkermotoren AMETEK successfully used the MEA EOL systems to:

  • Improve product quality.
  • Significantly reduce testing time.
  • Reduce the number of requested workers for the testing in the production line.
  • Fully achieve SAP systems collaboration.
  • Control company production via Server (SAP software).


Photos of the Customer’s systems at their facilities:




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