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    We're hiring!

    • Sales Representatives

      We are currently searching for sales representatives in:

      • USA
      • Italy
      • France
      • Canada
      • Spain
      • Italy
      • Russia
      • England
      • Germany
      • Australia

      If you are interested in becoming a sales representative in any of the countries listed above, or in any other country, please contact us at

    • Mechanical Engineer

      We are looking for an enthusiastic mechanical engineer to join our amazing team


      * Mechanical designing using Solid Works of integrated hardware, software and mechanical systems combined with rotating systems.
      * Practical integration assistance.
      * Systematic planning of systems adapted to special requirements and orders.
      * Support and Communication of customers worldwide.


      * Mechanical Engineer.
      * Experience in working with Solid Works software.
      * Knowledge in mechanical design.
      * Knowledge and orientation for Manufacturing engineering.
      * Eager to learn the manufacturing world and aspects.
      * Good English skills – Verbal and written.
      * Teamwork capabilities and great interpersonal relationship.
      * Ability to work on diverse tasks under a lot of pressure.

      The position is in Netanya, Poleg industrial zone, Israel.

    • Software Engineer C ++ and C #

      We are looking for an efficient C / C ++ developer.  work closely in tight team where collaboration in all stages of the design and development cycle is integral to the role.

      Bachelor’s degree in Computer science

      • Knowledge of C ++ and C # in the Windows environment
      • Experience in design and object-oriented methodology.
      • Willingness to travel abroad is an advantage
      • Fluency in English
      • Signal processing knowledge is an advantage

      Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills.
      Understanding of infrastructure and related technologies (hardware, virtualization, networking).
      Solid practices around testing to ensure quality.
      Creative and analytical problem-solving skills.
      Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
      Prior experience with agile development is a plus.
      BS in Computer Science or equivalent.
      * Teamwork capabilities and great interpersonal relationship.

      The position is in Netania, Poleg industrial zone, Israel.

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