Success Stories

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries

About the Customer: IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries is a world leader in both defense and commercial markets, delivering state-of-the-art technologies and systems in all domains, air, land, sea, space, cyber, home, and security. In the Air IAI provides a wide range of solutions and services for aerial defense – from special mission aircraft and advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS), to precision-guided munitions, multi-layered missile defense, etc. In Space IAI is a leading integrator of space technology, with dozens of satellites deployed in space. IAI provides observation and communication satellite systems, etc. On Land From state-of-the-art battle management and communication systems, through targeting and navigation technology. At Sea Reigning strong on the naval front, IAI offers integrated maritime systems, manned and unmanned security and fast-attack vessels, attack systems, and anti-air/missile defense systems.   Challenges and Solutions: IAI was looking for an electric motor testing system that would be used to test ...

Bajaj Auto

About the Customer: Bajaj Auto Ltd. manufactures automobiles (2- & 3-wheelers). Bajaj Auto is ranked as the world's fourth largest 2- & 3-wheeler manufacturer, and the Bajaj brand is well-known across several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South, and Southeast Asia. Bajaj Auto is the second largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and in South Asia. It was founded in 1945 and is part of the Bajaj Group (which was originally founded in 1926). The Company made its name by introducing Chetak – one of the most successful scooters in history. Bajaj introduced its first motorcycle in 1986, in collaboration with Kawasaki of Japan.   Challenges and Solutions: Bajaj’s systems enable the mapping of performance parameters of their EV traction motors, types: (1) Hybrid Synchronous AC and Asynchronous AC Induction motors; (2) Synchronous BLDC and PMSM; and (3) ISG motors. In addition, the systems could ...


About the Customer: Emerson - a very large business manufacturing concern - concentrates on the most complex, profound challenges facing the world in the process, industrial, commercial, and residential markets.  Emerson Automation Solutions plants bought systems for testing Emerson's new generation "Copeland™ scroll compressors", and the "new driver generation" used also to run the compressors. The systems are used to develop special high efficiency and high-performance drivers & compressors.  With hundreds of thousands of clients across the world, Emerson delivers the best quality results, ensuring that HVAC solutions are efficient and consistently reliable across all markets. Customers use "Copeland™ scroll compressors" with modulation technology and building controls to keep buildings comfortable and operating Effie silently. They rely on on-board technology for Copeland scroll compressors to deliver active protection, diagnostic capabilities and improve system reliability.   Challenges and Solutions: Emerson was looking for an electric compressor testing system ...

Leading Chinese EV & Electric Appliances Manufacturer

Leading Chinese EV & Electric Appliances Manufacturer About the Customer: The customer is a leading Chinese EV & electric appliances manufacturer, and is a diversified international industrial group, whose business covers electric vehicles, air conditioners and central air conditioners for residential and businesses, home appliances, refrigerators, and other equipment. It takes “Independent Innovation” as the development concept, and “To build a centenary enterprise” as the business goal. It is highly reputable, both at home and abroad, for its advanced technologies, strict quality control, unique sales mode, and complete after-sales service.   Challenges and Solutions: The Customer was needing testing systems that would enable the option to test high-speed, high-torque electric vehicle (EV) motors, in their laboratory applications. The Customer faced some unique challenges, due to their unique motor applications, such as: high power densities, high speed ranges, high torque ranges, robustness, and more. MEA's solution for this ...

Dunkermotoren-Ametek Germany

About the Customer: The company Dunkermotoren develops and produces precision drives for over 50 years. The manufacturer develops and produces brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors, and also a broad range of planetary and worm gearboxes, as well as brakes and encoders. In 1991, Dunkermotoren became the world´s first manufacturer of small motors to be certified to ISO 9001. In the meantime, Dunkermotoren has won numerous quality awards. Dunkermotoren regards quality as a comprehensive process involving all activities in the factory. Their products are manufactured on highly automated production lines. Failure mode and defects analysis during design and development, and fully automated testing integrated into the production line, ensure a uniformly high level of quality.   Challenges and Solutions: Dunkermotoren Ametek, Germany, was looking for testing systems that would enable the option of fully integration and computerization of the Company’s complete production via the Company’s ...

Varroc Engineering

About the Customer: Varroc Engineering Limited is the second largest Indian auto component group, and a leading tier-1 manufacturer and supplier to Indian 2- & 3-wheeler OEMs. The Company is focused on designing, manufacturing and supplying exterior lighting systems, plastic and polymer components, and electrical and electronics components. It also supplies precision metallic components to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and off-highway vehicles (OHV). The Company's segments include polymer, electrical, engine valve, forged components, and lighting. Its products include engine and engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, suspension and braking parts, electrical parts, and other products including body and chassis.   Challenges and Solutions: Varroc’s systems enable the mapping of performance parameters of their EV traction motors, types: (1) Hybrid Synchronous AC and Asynchronous AC Induction motors; (2) Synchronous BLDC and PMSM; and (3) ISG motors. In addition, the systems could also (4) test ...

SII - Standards Institution of Israel

About the Customer: The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) is Israel's official body for the preparation and publication of Israeli standards. Today, SII incorporates Standardization, Testing, Certification, and Training activities, under one roof and has laboratories in almost all technological areas, providing testing and inspection services to industry and commerce, as well as regulatory services to government. During the course of the last nearly half century, and in accordance with the dynamic nature of the marketplace, SII has become integrated into the daily lives of nearly every citizen as the leading organization responsible for ensuring quality and safety through the adoption of standards. Furthermore, SII represents Israel's interests in the international standards organizations ISO and IEC, and actively assists in Israel's integration into the global economy by participating in and maintaining close relations and agreements with testing and certification bodies, such as IQNet and IECEE. SII is ...


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